Turbo Sprint

Turbo sprint has been designed to capture the fun and excitement of classic retro top down arcade racers but on current-gen systems.  Turbo sprint delivers the atmosphere of local multiplayer by allowing up to 1-4 local players using Xbox controllers along with up to 7 other CPU driven cars.


  • High speed racing action
  • 8 racers on screen simultaneously
  • 1-4 local players
  • Retro influenced low poly 3d graphics
  • Classic top down view
  • Realistic skidmark effects
  • Multiple tracks
  • Day / night racing conditions

Turbo sprint is written in Unity and will initially be targeting the Xbox one and PC with more platforms coming soon. Whilst an initial version is available to play right now, It is currently in active development with many new features in the pipeline.

Coming soon

  • More tracks and track selection screen
  • Multiple car types each with their own unique
  • handling characteristics
  • Car selection screen
  • Adjustable race length
  • Multiple game modes, e.g. Single race, career
  • mode, knockout etc.
  • Improved car handling
  • Random power-ups dropped on the track
  • Hazards, including fire water and ice
  • Improved audio

Coming later

  • Online multiplayer mode
  • In app purchase for even more tracks


Video trailer

Gameplay footage