Coming Q1 2021 - stay tuned

Gravity Chase, the sequel to Velocity G, is a futuristic anti-gravity racer with a twist. Competition takes place in Hyperloop circuits, vacuum tunnel tracks that allow super-fast 360 degree Zero G racing. Skill and precision piloting are required to follow the optimum line along with strategic use of pickups, powerups and weapons in order to progress through the race series.


  • Super fast anti-gravity combat racing action through 360 degree tunnel tracks set in beautiful futuristic locations
  • Single player or split screen multiplayer mode supporting up to 4 local players.
  • 12 tracks at launch, each with multiple variants
  • 10 customizable and upgradable racers across multiple speed classes
  • Multiple game modes including; Grand Prix; Time attack; Survival; Endurance; Takedown and more
  • Weapons systems, including Lasers, Cannons and Mines
  • 4K 60fps visuals on supported devices
  • Additional tracks, racers and weapons will be available through free updates
  • Unique 360 degree tunnel racing mechanic.